October 3, 2023

Improve Your Posture And Relieve Your Joint Pain At the Same Time

ELDOA is truly a gift to modern humanity. It is an exercise, a joint adjustment, joint nourisher, and a physiology enhancer. It can work to excite the nervous system, but it can also work to down-regulate the nervous system. The versatility of ELDOA bears reason for its power. Its most prominent aspect, however, is its ability to quickly and effectively alleviate joint pain while recruiting the body’s muscles into proper posture. ELDOA techniques work to influence the skeletal system by allowing one’s own body to utilize its sophisticated myofascial system to bring adequate space between the bone structures. In other words, ELDOA works to decompress and realign mal-positioned, compressed joints (also called decoaptation), alleviating joint pain as a consequence.

Some readers may be reasoning that a chiropractor can be hired to do the same exact task. However, the miracle of ELDOA is that it works as a two-part solution to musculoskeletal problems. Each ELDOA position is intentionally held for one minute. During the minute position works to elicit a response from the central nervous system, leading to a powerful isometric contraction of the muscles that stabilize and protect the joint. These stabilizing muscles remain recruited even after the conclusion of each ELDOA. In a sense, it’s a two in one package deal.

What Does ELDOA Mean?

You might be thinking that ELDOA is a rather unusual name.

It’s an acronym for the French phrase that translates in English to “longitudinal osteoarticular decoaptation stretches”, or literally -  for the opening of the joints. Undoubtedly, you now understand why the abbreviation is the preferred name. ELDOA is a system developed by French osteopath, Guy Voyer, to create space in the joints and spinal segments by using myofascial tension, and muscle contraction.

ELDOA is a method with postures designed to create space and improve mobility along the spine. The name ELDOA refers to the method and each posture. There are ELDOAs for all joints of the body, including the skull, spine, shoulders, hips, and ribs. They not only affect these particular areas; when you do ELDOAs, they affect all the organs, ligaments, and tissues associated with the joint.

So, why consider incorporating ELDOA into your lifestyle? Compression in the joints and reduced circulation can cause intense chronic pain, arthritis, and nerve disorders. How can these issues be rehabilitated after they occur, and how can they be prevented from happening again?

ELDOA is more straightforward than the name sounds. It can easily be incorporated into your workout or wellness routine, whether you're an athlete that wants to recover and rehab from an injury, someone who wants to maintain optimal health, or someone who is suffering from common chronic pain.

Let's take a more in-depth look at how an ELDOA session works.

How an ELDOA Session Works

An ELDOA session consists of a series of postures held for one minute. It sounds relatively simple, right? It is, but mechanically it's incredibly complex, and the benefits are numerous. ELDOA works with specific micro-biomechanics of the body’s anatomy and myofascia to create space within the body's joints, vertebrae, and ligaments. For this reason, ELDOA sessions are guided by certified ELDOA practitioners. The practitioners ensure that each ELDOA is properly executed, and safe transitions are being practiced into and out of each position. Find an ELDOA practitioner near you. (ELDOA practitioner directory).

Each ELDOA is a postural technique that widens the space within a pair of joints. For example, you can relieve the compression of a single disc in your lower spine in just one minute per day. ELDOA achieves this by:

  • creating space between the vertebrae
  • creating more space between the intervertebral discs
  • improving the kinesthetics of the vertebral joint-segment
  • improving the kinesthetics of the spine
  • hydrating the spinal discs
  • mobilizing all parts of the annulus fibrosis (the protective covering of the discs between the vertebrae) to stimulate hydration

With this much happening mechanically, it's no wonder that the benefits of ELDOA are numerous.

The Benefits of ELDOA

The primary benefits of ELDOA are physical and positively impact functioning in day-to-day life and athletics.

The initial benefits from ELDOA are:

  • decreased pressure on spinal discs
  • better joint mechanics
  • rehydration of the spinal discs
  • relief from acute and chronic back pain
  • better muscle tone
  • improved posture
  • greater flexibility
  • a better sense of body awareness and well-being

Unlike routine stretching, the purpose of ELDOA isn't simply to gain flexibility (though that might be an added benefit). Typical stretching focuses on elongating the muscles; ELDOA focuses on contracting the muscles while simultaneously influencing the fascia and working with the nervous system.

The long-term effects are more profound. Because ELDOA works in such a complex way with the segments, joints, and fascia covering the entire body, there is a range of extended positive effects on the cardiac, respiratory, and digestive systems.

The benefits aren't limited to the body, however. The effects of an ELDOA session can result in a deeper awareness of the senses and parts of the body. ELDOA is the optimal way to become attuned with your body and improve your mind-body connection. It is an effective way to learn your body's mechanics and say goodbye to chronic pain and back pain without a considerable time commitment each day.

While ELDOA may be brand new to you, professional athletes have been using it for years for maintaining optimal performance levels and as part of their sports recovery. However, ELDOA works the same for all, whether you currently have an active lifestyle or not, and it can easily complement any training or physical activity you already do.

If you're ready to take charge of your health and end chronic pain – try ELDOA today. Sign up for an ELDOA class now and experience the benefits yourself.

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