Hey I’m Kevin A. Cruz, Founder of Soma Athletic Wellness & ELDOA.

As an expert in holistic rehabilitation, I bring a distinct viewpoint and passion to the physical wellness sector. I've always been driven to come up with new approaches to common issues, and that's exactly what I've done with Soma Athletic Wellness. I am the only proprietor of a successful clinic that uses exclusively body movement techniques to cure chronic pain, enhance general health, and increase mobility for my customers.

16 yrs.
Training Experience
7 yrs.
Teaching ELDOA
2 yrs.
Guy Voyer D.O. Osteophatie Prog.
20 yrs.
Houston Local

Applying innovative solutions to old problems, right here at home.

I am a Houstonian of over twenty years. I graduated from the University of Houston's The Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship with a bachelors degree in business administration. Among my many credentials, I hold certifications as a USA Weightlifting coach, an ELDOA instructor, and as a Soma Therapist. The unique set of skills and knowledge that I have acquired has given me the ability to center the individual needs of each of my clients.

If you're looking for an expert in rehabilitation who's not scared to push limits and attempt new approaches, look no further. One step at a time, I'm here to assist you in overcoming your obstacles and achieving your objectives.

Discover my distinctive skills by breaking free from the norm

Working with clients who have injuries, chronic pain, or other physical challenges is a specialty of our team of qualified trainers and instructors. We have the skills and understanding to support you in reaching your objectives, whether they are to reduce pain, increase mobility, or just improve your physical condition.

Private 1 0n 1

The ELDOA and Pumping techniques are used in our one-on-one service to enhance joint health and ease discomfort. For the best joint health and mobility, these methods concentrate on promoting fluid movement inside the joints. Experience individualized attention and professional direction to meet your wellness objectives.

Group Classes

Use ELDOA to transform your body and get rid of persistent pain. To help you live your best life, our ELDOA program delivers spinal decompression, increased mobility, and higher self-awareness. Join us right now!

Online Classes

Transform your health with our online ELDOA class via Zoom. Our certified instructor will guide you through targeted exercises to relieve pain, increase mobility and improve spinal health. Perfect for both experienced and new practitioners, join us for live and interactive sessions from the comfort of your home.

Public Speaking

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Break Free from Chronic Pain

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