Break Free from Chronic Pain

Our facility is specifically made for busy business owners and professionals who need a high-quality, individualized workout experience that fits into their hectic schedules. We can assist you in finding the best fit for your requirements and goals with a range of class times and a selection of training options, including ELDOA, strength training , and myofascial stretching.
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Discover my distinctive skills by breaking free from the norm

Working with clients who have injuries, chronic pain, or other physical challenges is a specialty of our team of qualified trainers and instructors. We have the skills and understanding to support you in reaching your objectives, whether they are to reduce pain, increase mobility, or just improve your physical condition.

My Journey with Guy Voyer D.O.  Program

Don't allow persistent discomfort to become an obstacle in your life. Utilize the innovative program of Guy Voyer, D.O. to unleash the power of pain-free living. With Guy Voyer's knowledge and program, which is supported by science, you can liberate yourself from the grip of chronic pain and improve the quality of your life. Take charge of your health right now and join the hundreds of happy people who have already benefited from Dr. Voyer's novel method.

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We're incredibly appreciative of the difference our chronic pain and rehabilitation services have been able to make in the lives of our customers. We'd love to hear from you if working with us transformed you in any way! Your success story may encourage others to take charge of their health and find relief from chronic pain. Share your experience by clicking the button below, and aid in spreading the word.

Kevin is an expert in health and wellness

As a seasoned businessperson and expert in rehabilitation, I bring a distinct viewpoint and passion to the wellness sector. I've always been driven to utilize new approaches to common issues, and that's exactly what I've done with Soma Athletic Wellness.
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Break Free from Chronic Pain

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